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Tribute Ride for CAPT Alan Poindexter

In addition to these photos from the ride and gathering that followed, view a photo on the NPS Facebook page of cyclists on arrival at Hermann Hall.  Contact Mari for more photos.

Story on NPS website:


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All ages and abilities are invited to register (free) and bike with the NPS Cycling Club on a Tribute Ride for Captain Alan Poindexter.

Photo credit:  Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Cycling Club.
Please refer to “Important Details for 7/21 Riders” below.

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Cycling Club is hosting the ride on Saturday, 21 July, starting at 0800 from Lovers Point in Pacific Grove.

CAPT Poindexter

Photo credit:  Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Cycling Club.

CAPT Poindexter was an active cyclist and community volunteer on the Monterey Peninsula.

This ride is for all NPS students and staff, family members, and community members. NPS Cycling Club members will be riding at a pace to allow for riders of all ability levels on any type of bicycle. Cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, bikes with trailers towing kids, and more are all welcome!

The ride will be from Lovers Point to the NPS campus, and back to Lovers Point, where there will be a light social brunch.

To participate in this free event, please register via EventBrite:

If you have any questions, please contact the NPS Cycling Club President, Nolan Semrau ( or Vice President, Matt McKenzie (

The Tribute Bike Ride is along a flat route making use of Class I (off-road) bike/multi-use path.  The  round trip is 9.62 miles.  This event is scheduled for 8 a.m. until approximately 10 a.m.

Please refer toImportant Details for 7/21 RidersandExpected Schedule of Eventsbelow.

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About Captain Alan Poindexter

At the time of his death in a tragic accident on July 1, 2012, former astronaut Captain Alan Poindexter was the Naval Postgraduate School Dean of Students and Executive Director of Programs.  Read a July 6 article by Dale M. Kuska on the NPS website to learn more about CAPT Poindexter; click here.

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About the NPS Cycling Club

The NPS Cycling Club serves as respected ambassadors for the Monterey County bike community, whether out on the bikeways or when volunteering at various community events.  From advocating for infrastructure at local municipal meetings to supporting local PAL bike fairs, NPS cyclists help make Monterey County a more bike-friendly place.

Learn more about the NPS Cycling Club on this site:

Please join Bicycling Monterey as the Monterey County bike community rides as one in tribute to this NPS Cycling Club member.

Important Details for 7/21 Riders

Brush up on California bicycle laws and safety tips, including hand signaling; click here.

  1. To participate in this event (as with most organized cycling events), all ages of riders must wear a helmet, or they will not be allowed to ride with the group.
  2. In addition, California law requires bicycle helmets for all bicyclists  under age 18.  Children riding in bike trailers and others types of carriers must have helmets as well.
  3. The route includes an active bike/multi-use path and active roads. Please be courteous to others–including pedestrians, skaters, other bicyclists, and people in motor vehicles.
  4. Stay on the correct side of the yellow line!  And in sections where there is a separate gravel area for pedestrians, stay on the pavement (do not ride in the pedestrian area).
  5. Most riders will ride at a pace of 10 mph for 9 miles (4.5 miles each way).  The ride is for all ages and abilities.
  6. Call out obstacles and let those around you know if you need to maneuver out of the group.
  7. In addition to using appropriate hand signals, call out commands such as “Slowing!” or “Stopping!”
  8. If you get a flat tire or tangled chain, etc., let others around you know, and slowly move out of the pack.  There is not an official support vehicle, so bring your own repair materials.
  9. When on the bike/multi-use path, ride no more than two cyclists abreast.
  10. This is a casual, social ride, not a time for racing, sprinting, wheelies, etc. (Save those for another day.)
  11. If non-cyclists wish to attend the 9 a.m. ceremony at Herrmann Hall, please meet the cycling group there.   (Do not follow the cyclists on the route by motor vehicle.)
  12. There are over 170 bicycle riders registered.  Be prepared to ride in close formation.
  13. There will be professional photographers following the event.  Do not pull out your camera or camera phone when riding with the group.
  14. Do not use your cell phone when riding with the group.  (Do not talk, text, shoot photos, etc.)
  15. The group will have a California Highway Patrol escort.  Nonetheless, please be mindful of and courteous to other road and bike/multi-use path users.
  16. Do not print or bring tickets from the Eventbrite registration website. They are not needed.
  17. As usual, carry your own identification in case of emergency.
  18. Please arrive before 8 a.m. so the ride can begin promptly at 8 a.m.
  19. Riders are encouraged to bike or bike-and-ride to the event.  Please avoid driving to the event.
  20. If you do drive, please do not park in the small, triangular-shaped lot  across from the vacant restaurant (formerly Latitudes).

Remember: For this event, bicycle helmets are required for all cyclists of all ages, as well as for all children riding in trailers or other carriers. Anyone showing up without a functioning bicycle helmet will not be allowed to participate in the group ride.

Expected Schedule of Events

8 a.m. Depart from Lovers Point

8:45-9:00 a.m. Short ceremony at Herrmann Hall flagpole, NPS

9:00-9:15 a.m. Depart from NPS to Lovers Point

9:45 a.m. Social brunch at Lovers Point

Have fun, ride safe, and share memories of Captain Alan Poindexter.

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