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Amgen Stage 4 Start, Monterey–including Monterey Bay pro cyclist Ben Jacques-Maynes–May 14, 2014

Thanks to David Royal of the Monterey County Herald for his photos:

And to James Raia of the Herald for his report:

And Nic Coury of the Monterey County Weekly:

And Glenn Cravens of the Salinas Californian:

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Monterey County Bike Month 2014 includes the excitement of racing–Amgen is coming! Click here to visit the City of Monterey website to learn about the Amgen Stage 4 start.

You’ll find videos and other resources there on Monterey road closures and much more. Do you bike-and-ride Monterey-Salinas Transit or otherwise take an MST bus? Heads-up on Amgen-related delays and cancellations; click here for MST details.

Celebrate Amgen coming by attending the Monterey Bicycle Film Festival, May 10-13 too.

Learn more about Ben and the Amgen Stage 4 Start…

in the post below, first published February 19, 2014.

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Looking for that sidewalk riding info? Scroll down.

Monterey Bay region dad and pro cyclist Ben Jacques-Maynes of Watsonville–see him at with his son, Chase Orion–was in Monterey to unveil the route for the Amgen Tour of California Stage 4 Start in Monterey, which takes place May 14th.

Ben loves training on Monterey County roads!

Hear this pro at 3:07 in a nine-minute video about Amgen TOC’s 2014 route:

Learn more about Amgen coming to Monterey on May 14th:

Along with Ben, present at the February 20, 2014 press conference announcing the route were Mayor Chuck Della Sala, Old Monterey Business Association Executive Director Rick Johnson, Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau President & CEO Tammy Blount, and Monterey Sports Center Group Exercise Coordinator Laurie Ataid.

Inspiring, helpful Ben Jacques-Maynes

Here’s a shout-out to Santa Cruz County resident Ben for helping keep tabs on Monterey County bikeways. If he spots a local bikeway condition needing attention, this professional racer isn’t above taking time out to contact Transportation Agency for Monterey County.

Merci beaucoup, Ben, for being a helpful Monterey Bay region neighbor as well as an inspiring pro cyclist. Your alertness and advocating for bike infrastructure improvements–increasing pleasure and safety for others who bike here–are much appreciated.

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Heading to the press conference? Bike or bike-and-ride there. City of Monterey Sports Center, 301 E. Franklin Street, is just across Del Monte Avenue from the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail.  There’s secure bike parking at the Sports Center–see photo below, along with directional tips that are particularly useful if you’re traveling with children.

The 2/20/14 press conference is on a Thursday, and savvy Monterey County visitors and locals who bike know what that means! Consider visiting a HER Helmet Thursdays spot. Why? Males and females–visitors and locals–who bike are rewarded with a 10 to 50% discount. Choose from hundreds of places: HER Helmet Thursdays – Quick Reference Guide – as of 16 February 2014 – View PDF

Biking to the Monterey Sports Center

First, as is well known by Australian cyclist and harpsichord maker Carey Beebe (who annually bike commutes to his assignments at Carmel Bach Festival sites)…Beebe at Mry Sports Ctr 2506

Monterey Sports Center has secure bicycle parking!

The Sports Center bike racks are protected by video surveillance. This is a lovely downtown neighborhood. The surveillance is simply an added amenity in bike-friendly Monterey.

Surveillance - racks msctr - DSC00307Monterey Sports Center directional tips–including about sidewalk riding

From the bike path at Wharf #2/Commercial Wharf, it’s a short distance to the Monterey Sports Center. Franklin is a one-way street, so many people will likely prefer to take a short detour (all-streets route) rather than the more direct route (streets-and-sidewalk). Here are two options.

Option #1, all-streets route: Leave bike path at Wharf #2 and cross Del Monte Avenue onto Figueroa (you’ll see Lopez Taqueria and Liquor on your left at the corner). Bike up Figueroa to the next corner, which is Franklin Street (large building on right is Monterey Sports Center; on your left, Monterey Federal Credit Union). Continue up Figueroa to Pearl Street (you’ll see Jacks Park to your right in this section). Make a right on Pearl and continue to the first street, which is Adams. Turn right on Adams. Bike down to the T-intersection, and you are at the corner of Adams and Franklin. Monterey Sports Center entrance is across Franklin Street.

Option #2, streets-and-sidewalk route: Leave bike path at Wharf #2 and cross Del Monte Avenue onto Figueroa (you’ll see Lopez Taqueria and Liquor on your left at the corner). Bike up Figueroa to the next corner, which is Franklin Street (large building on right is Monterey Sports Center; on your left, Monterey Federal Credit Union). Turn right onto Franklin Street sidewalk, and bike or walk up the sidewalk until you reach the Monterey Sports Center entrance.

Sidewalk Cautions:

While it’s appropriate to bike slowly and yield to pedestrians, it’s not illegal to bike on a sidewalk in the City of Monterey, unless otherwise posted (e.g., sidewalk riding is not permitted on Alvarado Street or on Wharf I/Old Fisherman’s Wharf).

The Franklin Street stretch mentioned in #2 above does not involve sidewalk riding that crosses any driveways or intersections. However, please teach children and teens that anytime they’re biking on a sidewalk and come across a driveway or intersection, that is a danger zone! Learn more about sidewalk riding pros and cons–and read some Monterey County sidewalk ordinances–in Bicycling Monterey’s “California Bike Laws and Personal Safety/Skills” section.

Traveling with children? You’ll appreciate, too, that the pedestrian crosswalk at the Monterey Sports Center entrance has flashing lights in the pavement. Why? To remind motor vehicle drivers to s-l-o-w down, because Monterey is a bicycling- and pedestrian-friendly city!

Tip of the helmet to @cityofmonterey for distributing on Twitter the press release about the 2/20/14 Amgen route press conference. The release was prepared by Anne McGrath, Communications & Outreach Manager for the City of Monterey.

This post was published on 19 February 2014. One or more changes last made to this post on 12 November 2017.

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