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Eco Author Matthew Sleeth

For the most recent info about Matthew Sleeth on this site—including about opportunities to meet Dr. Sleeth in Monterey in November 2019—see “Former ER Doc Attending to Planet’s Health: Matthew Sleeth and Blessed Earth.”

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Who’s the guy on the bike in shirt and sweater?

And why are people in 40 countries connecting with him via global simulcast on Earth Day Eve 2010?

The man is Matthew Sleeth, MD—author of The Gospel According to the Earth:  Why the Good Book Is a Green Book (Harper Collins, 2010).

Dr. Sleeth retired from his work as a hospital chief of staff and emergency room physician to tackle the bigger emergency he recognized was behind many of his patients’ illness and death: the state of the health of our planet.

In 2007, I read Matthew Sleeth’s book Serve God, Save the Planet (Chelsea Green and Zondervan, 2007).  As I continued to explore his work, and later had the opportunity to spend time observing his actions first-hand, my respect for this individual and his commitment to caring for the Earth only deepened.

The Christian community is fortunate to have such a leader, and a humble one at that.

I continue to keep Matthew Sleeth on my radar. Whether one is of another faith, or no faith, or the Christian faith, if you care about the state of the Earth, you may want to consider the work of Matthew Sleeth.

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