Tired eyes? Adjust text size.

Note: This page was published July 2, 2009 and has not been updated.

Tiny text got you down?

Being in front of a computer screen with an uncomfortable text size is like being on your feet in uncomfortable shoes.  You start to get a little crabby and don’t know why, then you realize it’s the shoes and that you can get out of them!

You may be able to get out of this text size and adjust it to your personal preferences.

You may adjust the size of most text—and images—by rolling your mouse wheel/ball forward or  backward, or by using the following key combinations:

To increase size: With mouse, hold down Ctrl key and roll forward.  With keyboard, use Ctrl +

To decrease size: With mouse, Ctrl and roll backward.  Via keyboard, Ctrl –

Restore back to normal size: Ctrl 0