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The Joy of the Oh-So-Basics

It’s amazing how, in the busy-ness of life, the oh-so-basic pleasures can slide down the list.  Good food.  Good friends.  Good times outdoors.  But these are necessities for a healthy life.  And stopping to indulge in these pleasures makes so clear the magic of how they work, and deep gratitude for them wells up again.

When my children were young, my mantra when their behavior was less than desirable was:  “Are they hungry? Are they tired? Are they hot?…” and so on.  Sometimes we big people don’t pause to make sure our own basic needs are met, or to thank the many people who help us meet them.

Special thanks this eve  go to Marlene and her cohorts from Farmer in the Dale and Lone Oak Ranch,  along with the folks at Sunshine Organics/VB Farms, for the luscious peach-strawberry smoothie that started my day; to my friend Anna for being an afternoon caller (not on the phone, an honest-to-goodness, right-smack-in-the-middle-of-a-workday visitor); and to Nova Hairston of Joselyn’s Bicycles for her sage advice on equipment that is serving me so well and made my evening flight down the hill such fun.

You’ve all made my day the magic that it was.

This post was published on 8 July 2009. One or more changes last made to this post on 11 June 2017.

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