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Techno Wonders and Woes

Ah, the wonders—and woes—of a techy world.

If you tried to visit this site January 16-20, you were thwarted by a widespread assault on the Web host, Network Solutions, and its customers.  Had I not chosen a company with a long history in the business, I would have doubted the troubleshooting abilities of my Web host.  Instead, I just marvel that they usually manage to keep websites running, save these five isolated days.

The Web site challenges were topped off by rare thunderstorms on the Central Coast, with phone reception still affected and phone service sometimes cut off altogether.  The power was out yesterday too.  (Makes me miss the snowstorm power outages of my childhood, when all the neighbors came to stay overnight at our house–the only home not dependent on electricity for heating.)

All this week’s happenings underscore how much our modern lives depend on these conveniences, and how important the work is of those who keep things humming for us—bless em!

Come rain or shine, at least I know the perfect antidote to five grueling days with fifteen lengthy phone calls to my Web host:  a nice long bike ride tomorrow!

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