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Sweet Protection: Infra rules—and helmets can be cool!

When it comes to getting around by bicycle, nothing makes it safer than smart infrastructure! Optimal design features—i.e., protected bike lanes, protected intersections, bike boxes, and the like—result in unparalleled safety, as well as greater ease and pleasure. While we appreciate every step in that direction, we also call on elected leaders in California (and elsewhere) to do much more.

A bike box on Broadway Ave at Fremont Blvd in Seaside, California.

What else makes biking safer?

In addition to infrastructure, other factors influence the safety of biking too. Among these are responsible actions of people who drive, bike, walk, skate, or scoot; and effective laws and law enforcement (e.g., citing speeding drivers, or citing people under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

Are there laws about helmets?

As Bicycling Monterey’s post “Are bicycle helmets required in Cali?” advises, in California, as in many states, minors may be cited for not wearing a bicycle helmet. Regardless of a parent or guardian’s own opinions about the pros and cons of helmet use, they may want to encourage their youth to wear one due to the legal requirement. In fact, among Bicycling Monterey projects is providing bicycling education and a community service opportunity for youth referred by a court, as an alternative to paying a fine for a bike-related citation; to date, all such citations have been for not wearing a helmet!

Why helmets

It makes sense to us that helmets aren’t popular with everyone, including youth. Still, we’ve heard enough stories, including local stories from Nic and Thomas (click here, then scroll down), that make us glad to help support youth in wearing them—including by wearing one ourselves, in solidarity. With sadness, we remember 17-year-old Kyle of Salinas. Kyle biked regularly, and he usually wore a helmet. He had fastened his helmet to his handlebars when pedaling off from a youth group meeting on the tragic day that he hit a parked car, resulting in his death. If he could, Kyle would surely say things like: “Don’t worry if your friends say helmets are for nerds. Don’t worry about your helmet messing up your hair before you meet someone you wanna impress. Don’t leave it off because you’re only riding a short distance. And don’t leave it off because it’s hot out. Just put the darned thing on your head!” 

Enter Sweet Protection

He was on our mind when we were contacted in July 2023 by a rep for Sweet Protection, asking if we were interested in seeing one of their helmets. Five of Sweet Protection’s bike helmets had recently been named among the safest helmets on the market, following testing by Virginia Tech’s Biomechanics Helmet Lab. Bicycling Monterey was offered a helmet as a contribution toward our project supplies. We accepted, and we chose to check out Sweet Protection’s Falconer 2Vi® Mips Helmet, which had placed second overall out of nearly two hundred helmets tested.

Even with its very enhanced protection, it’s clear that Sweet Protection’s Falconer 2Vi Mips is a comfortable helmet, delightfully lightweight, with extra vents that provide ideal airflow on warm days. And fit adjustments are easy! We appreciate that the next time we need a helmet for a youth without one, we now have a spare, thanks to Sweet Protection.

For more information about the Sweet Protection helmets for road biking, mountain biking, and more, visit

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This post was published on 18 August 2023.

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