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How to support the children of Jenne Smith and Lance Mackey

Jenne Smith, born and raised in Monterey County, was passionate about helping others, living in harmony with nature, and protecting the earth. In 2015 Jenne moved to Alaska, where she fell in love with Lance Mackey. Together they had two children—a son, Atigun, and a daughter, Lozen.

On October 4, 2020, Jenne’s life ended suddenly in a motor vehicle crash, leaving behind Lance and their children, then ages four and two.

On September 7, 2022, cancer ended Lance’s life too, leaving the children without both parents.

Many people ask how they can contribute to the future of Atigun and Lozen, who are being cared for by loving aunt Kristin Mackey Elieff. Prayers are sincerely appreciated. In addition, for those who wish to make a financial contribution, here are three legitimate options: (1) contribute to the only Go Fund Me approved by the family,; or (2) contribute to the Northrim Bank account set up for them—Account # 3109153682, Routing # 125200934; or (3) contribute by mailing a check, payable to Kristin Elieff, and mail to the family at PO Box 1064, Palmer, AK 99645.

Thank you.

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