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Greening Up Real Estate–Meaningfully

10/30/09 update:  At the bottom of this post, I’ve included an invitation from the National Association of the Remodeling Institute, Monterey Bay chapter.  For questions about this 11/7/09 event in Marina, please contact Nancy at 831/402-5430.

If you are buying or selling property–or even if you just care about the ecological soundness of your property–this post will likely be of interest to you.

I was chatting with Jordan Daniels of Building Wise this weekend, and I learned something helpful for friends in Carmel who are selling a beautiful home there.  These friends are very ecologically aware, and yet, especially because the house they are selling isn’t brand new, chances are a few improvements could make it more energy efficient and otherwise “greener.”

I was aware that Jordan is an advisor for new construction or existing projects, especially commercial and community projects (such as the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco) that strive to be greener.

What I didn’t know is that Jordan can consult with homeowners, in addition to commercial property owners.  He can advise either on how to make their property, including the landscape, more ecologically sound.  This can include features that require a permit (such as solar panels) or non-permit features (such as new carpeting).  The focus is on things that make the property genuinely “greener,” and thereby more beneficial to the buyers, through green certification.

Perhaps you are thinking, yes, it will increase the value of the property for many potential buyers, but first it’s going to cost me.  That’s true, and yet, this isn’t an “all or nothing” opportunity.  Here in the Monterey Bay region, Jordan advised me, there is a new program called Step Up 2 Green, which offers three levels of certification.  This  is a program of the Monterey County Business Council, and I noted that one of its endorsers is The Sustainability Academy, who sponsored our Earth Day 2009 Sustainable Cities Symposium.

Besides the Step Up 2 Green certification, Jordan is a LEED Accredited Professional and can also perform an audit for the purpose of LEED certification for homes or commercial properties. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Click here–What’s LEED–for details.

Jordan Daniels is a native of MoCo, and a grandson of Carl Daniels, one of the founders of Daniels & House Construction Company, a majority family-owned company in Monterey County that  completed over 1,600 projects  from 1958 to 2009.  One of the core principles of Daniels & House:  a commitment to sustainability.

If Jordan is doing something, I am confident it has true value–no “greenwashing” here.  Likewise, the price of his services can be expected to be fair, and the quality of his work dependable.  Even better, he is a joy to interact with, so the pleasure of doing business with him can be counted on too.

With many homes and other properties selling slowly, and with Monterey County residents–as with people worldwide–being increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of and in their homes, this strikes me as a very welcome service.

To learn more about Jordan’s background, see the About page at, or contact him directly with your questions.

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StepUp2Green© Training for Inspectors

For Contractors, Architects, Building Inspectors and other Building Professionals:

Become a certified inspector of homes that have implemented green upgrades that save energy and water while enhancing indoor air quality.


Saturday, November 7th

9 am – 12 Noon

Marina Airport Administration Bldg.

781 Neeson Rd., Marina

(just off Reservation Road)


(Donation requested for Coffee and Snacks)

RSVP Required: 402-5430 or


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