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Hello, Spring! People on Bikes Say Goodbye to Winter

Adios, winter! Although December to March is still a good season for biking in Monterey County, spring is even better. Great season to get out on the bikeways and meet new people, maybe even these folks who were biking wintertime, December 2012 – March 2013.

Among spring activities is the annually awaited bike festival and races, the four-day Sea Otter Classic, a Celebration of Cycling!
As for me, I’m just biking over to some friends to chill and make music.

IMG_2802The guy above, spotted in downtown Monterey, is ready to roll by bike or board.

In Salinas, these Salinas High School students are savvy about bike laws. Their cool fixies are equipped with brakes for public streets.


Bikes of all types out on the bikeways, including this snack vendor’s cargo bike in East Salinas.  Alongside that bike–investing their Sunday leisure hours to discuss plans for April 2013 start of the second year of the Monterey County Youth Center bike repair and safety class–are volunteer instructors Korey Ericson, Luciano Rodriguez, and Frank Henderson.


A fun bicicleta spotted in East Salinas: This teen’s Hello, Kitty bike would win the heart of many a bike-loving girl.

IMG_3017 (1024x1010)


By the way, although Salinas is Monterey County’s largest city, it is without a single bike rental spot. Since bikesharing stations are intended to serve both residents and visitors, makes sense to locate any bikesharing for Monterey County in Salinas for starters.

That’s one of the ideas offered at the TAMC-sponsored bikesharing feasibility meeting, pictured below.


You never really know what you may come upon when you’re out bicycling in Monterey County. Like these–Play Me, I’m Yours–that the Monterey County Symphony planted in many locations in March….



The man below was on Cass Street, Monterey during busy AT&T Pro-Am week. His hi-vis jacket helps bring to the attention of visitors that there are lots of folks on bikes in Monterey County.


Down in Carmel, this gentleman learned he was standing across from two HER Helmet Thursdays spots:  Cypress Inn and Terry’s Lounge.


This Old Capitol Books, Monterey employee says her boss, bike advocate Matthew Sundt,  is no fool.

He sends his workers out to do errands by bike for many reasons….


Not least of which is no chance of the excuse, “Sorry to be late, boss, I ran out of gas!”  Like somebody in Carmel….

Fortunately, bike to the rescue! Spotted at Cornucopia.


Cornucopia? Only need a few things there today. I’ve already been to the MPC Farmers Market.


Aw, shoot. Corncucopia! I knew there was something I forgot before heading back home.


Yeah, me too. I’m heading to the mouth of the valley for a little shopping-by-bike right now.


Earlier in winter, this woman was leaving the Pacific Grove farmers market when she paused by the downtown Pacific Grove visitors center.

Spring Equinox is nearly here, and days are longer. Still, you can ask her–or me–for night riding tips. In Bicycling Monterey’s “Biking in the Dark” section, you’ll find links for MORCA’s night rides, Salinas Bike Party events, and Twilight Rides at Laguna Seca.


Questions about bicycling in Monterey County?

Contact me (831/375-6278). Can’t reach me right away and have an urgent question? While Monterey County does not yet have a formal bicycle coalition, there are many local bike community leaders–see “Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and Resources.”


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