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Rancho Cielo’s 7th Annual Family Fun Day & BBQ

Bike Trail Rides are among the offerings scheduled for Rancho Cielo’s 7th Annual Family Fun Day & BBQ on August 27, 2017.

Check out the poster below.

“Some thought the Ranch too hilly for biking.”

If you’ve ever read Bicycling Monterey’s post about Luciano Rodriguez—a local bike community leader who was employed at Rancho Cielo for about a decade—you may have noticed this:

When Luciano began teaching the Youth Center class [in 2012], he had been working for about five years as an instructional aide and assistant para professional at Rancho Cielo. That got my attention, because before I learned about the need for a bike class at Monterey County Youth Center, I’d been thinking that bike tech education would make a great addition to Rancho Cielo’s curriculum.

In my initial conversation with an RC staff member, the response had been gracious but reserved…“It’s too hilly here.” 

It’s a good thing that statement wasn’t made to Luciano. For he blazed new trails at Rancho Cielo: sweet single-track! With the assistance of volunteers from the Salinas High School Cowboy Racing Mountain Bike Team, who brought rototillers to support Luciano’s initiative, he created a network of trails. Those new trails were enjoyed by visitors too, for the first time, at Rancho Cielo’s 2nd Annual Family Play Day, September 2, 2012. 

To see how the trails began, watch this Youtube about the Rancho Cielo trails.

Then go ride the trails

on Family Fun Day!

Can’t make it? Check the schedule for seasonal Friday night dining at Rancho Cielo—one of my 16 top recommendations for Salinas. For 2017, new students from the Ranch’s Drummond Culinary Academy will be ready to welcome the public again beginning Friday, October 13.


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