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Lelia Broussard from Monterey House Concerts to Rolling Stone

“I ride my bike up the hill….”

Lelia Broussard made it up the hill!  From Monterey House Concerts–where Nic Coury of the  Monterey County Weekly caught her for the Weekly cover, she advanced to Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone’s unsigned artist competition

In Rolling Stone’s first-ever unsigned artist cover competition, for its August 2011 cover, the magazine’s editors first chose 16 unsigned artists.  Next, public vote contributed to selection of eight, then four who advanced, then two.  Lelia made it through each of these cuts.

The two remaining contenders, Lelia Broussard and The Sheepdogs, both played Bonnaroo.   The record deal, along with the cover spot, went to The Sheepdogs in the end.  But not before Lelia had picked up a lot of new fans along the way!

And not before we all got to see a lot more of Lelia in RS:

Lelia in Rolling Stone

Visit the Rolling Stone website or just click here to see some the  heavy RS coverage of Lelia–video performances, interviews, and much more.

Also visit  Follow Lelia on Twitter @leliabroussard.

Lelia’s history in Monterey County

Lelia played two Monterey Host Concerts shows in 2010, hosted by Sierra Dehmler.  For more about those shows, and to see her on the Weekly cover, click here.

Sierra provides a wide range of services for independent musicians, including social media management, tour support, concert photography, and more. To contact Sierra, a Monterey native now residing in New York, email her:  sierradehmler [AT] gmail [DOT] com.  (Check back later for a link to Sierra’s website.)

What about those bike lyrics?

Yup, Lelia really does have a song reference to her rides.  “I ride my bike up the hill….” To hear Lelia sing about that uphill ride, watch her “Satellite” video below.

And when you’re ready for more bike music, check out the Bicycle Music Videos playlist from our neighbor across the Monterey Bay, the Bicycle Dude Guy in Santa Cruz. From Lelia’s “Satellite” to “Camera” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash to the Pink Floyd “Bike” song, it’s an extra fun mix when bikes are part of it.

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