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In Memory of Zachary Parke

4/2/12 update:

Memorial service

A memorial service is scheduled for June 25.  Time and place not yet determined.

Memorial donations

Memorial donations may be mailed to the Zachary Parke Memorial Fund, Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, Member No. 45354, 324 Front St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

Memorial ride

Riders will gather June 18 at 5 p.m. at the Town Clock, Pacific Avenue and Water Street, in downtown Santa Cruz.  Departure time for the slow-paced ride is 5:30.

The route will be from the Town Clock to Empire Grade Road near the west entrance of UC Santa Cruz,  where Parke was struck and killed on June 7.

Above:  Zachary Parke and Friends

From a February 19, 2010 story from the Clutch Couriers weblog.

(Photo courtesy of

Download PDF of Zachary Parke photo:


For further information

Contact Rick Graves of Clutch Couriers,  Read some of Rick’s memories of Zachary.

Facebook page:  Zachary Parke Memorial Ride created by Kelly Brown and Rick Graves.


Monterey County bike-and-ride pooling

In sympathy and solidarity, some Monterey County riders will join our Monterey Bay neighbors in the Santa Cruz memorial ride and service for Zach.  To connect with others in Monterey County about bike-and-ride pooling, contact me by phone, 831.375.6278.

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6/18 Update:

Memorial ride photos

From Erik:

From Richard Masoner, Cyclelicious:

From Forest Monesen:

Flowers for Zach
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Early deaths such as Zach’s, and other road tragedies (injuries, disabilities) can usually be avoided.  As noted in the Cops About post on this site, distracted driving is often a cause.  Please visit the U.S. Department of Transportation Distracted Driving website for more information.

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  1. I was able to make the time to take part in tonight’s memorial ride for Zachary. It was heartening to see so many people come out to support Zach and his life. It was also very sad to ride up to the spot where he died. I’ll be posting some pics from the day later on tonight.

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