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Bicycling Reports to Scottish Parliament and Monterey City Council

As the number of people cycling increases in a community,
the safety of cycling there increases.

That was one of the points emphasized in this Scottish Ministers report to Parliament, which has a goal of a 10% increase in cycling by 2020. The Transport Committee report to the Scottish Parliament has other interesting points too.

Click here to listen.

Watch as the Monterey City Council hears and adopts 2009 Bike Plan

On 11/17/09, the Monterey City Council adopted the 2009 Bike Plan presented by traffic engineering intern Lacey Raak.

Click here to listen.  (Tip:  slide over until you’re about 2/3 way through the 7 pm session to get to Lacey Raak’s appearance.)

Clyde Roberson was the City of Monterey’s bicycling mayor in 1983 (and happily, he’s back as mayor in 2014).  I moved to rural Monterey County from Santa Cruz County in 1981, and I was disappointed that there were no bike racks on buses here, as there were in Santa Cruz.  Thanks to the caring leadership of Mayor Roberson and others, that and so many things about cycling here have since changed for the better.  See “Bike-and-Ride” section of “Tips for Bicycling Monterey County” to learn about our bikes-on-buses options now!

Yes, although we could still use many infrastructure improvements here, Monterey County is moving in more bike-friendly direction.

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) here in Monterey, California has exceptional bike parking—bicycle corrals, with bikes well protected from the weather.

(NPS photos courtesy of Joe Strunk)

On John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, the City of Monterey has 20 bike racks along the bikepath. We have progress to make, but the Monterey City Council just adopted the traffic engineer’s recommended 2009 Bike Plan (link to that meeting above).  Monterey is aiming in the direction of becoming known as one of America’s most bicycling friendly destinations.

Check out the bicycling parking situations in London, England and in Assen, Drenthe, the Netherlands. Although bicycle parking there is in greater demand than here in Monterey, a commitment to better infrastructure and other supports for cycling is growing here as virtually everywhere! (Example: two upcoming construction projects for Monterey County bikeways.)

Near the entrance to Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey

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