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New Year’s Goals for the Environment, Public Health, Communities, Economy and More

“You’ve got to have a goal,” 103-year-old Harold Lewis often told me. For the Monterey Bay area man above, his next goal was reaching 25,000 miles on his bicycle. The 74 people below have goals too—including supporting more bicycling.
For Bicycling Monterey, current goals include fundraising to support this work. Why? Because the Bicycling Monterey work helps reduce carbon emissions and air, noise, and water pollution; improve public health; strengthen communities; boost the economy; and much more. Those and other benefits of bicycling, for people and the planet, are why Bicycling Monterey was founded, in May 2009. Contributions will determine how much of this work can continue.
The 74 people below comprise the Bicycling Monterey contributors from May 1, 2009 through Dec 25, 2016. Asterisks (*) indicate repeat contributors. To see amount of total contributions, and which year each of these people contributed, click here for the Financial Contributors page.
1. *Anonymous*
2. Adam Deleon
3. Anna Thomsen, L.Ac. Integrative Health Care
4. *Anneke Prins*
5. Benjamin Sun
6. Bettina Hotelling
7. Beverly Prowell
8. Bill & Debby Lynch
9. Brian Tomasini
10. Cammie & Steve Lynch
11. *Cath Tendler-Valencia*
12. Catherine Crockett
13. *Chris Flescher*
14. *Danielle Shillcock*
15. Delana Schneider
16. Drew Pearce, Drew Pearce Creative Services
17. *Edith Frederick*
18. El Migueleno Restaurant
19. Floann Lynch Martinez
20. Geoff Arnold
21. Grapes ‘n’ Grain, Salinas
22. Hans Ongchua
23. Hebard and Peggy Olsen
24. Henrietta Stern
25. Holly Heimer Natural Veterinary Rehab
26. Ivan for Mi Pueblo Supermarket, East Salinas
27. Jack Lamon
28. Jack Long and Janet Beaty
29. Jacky Luna
30. Jacquelyn Woodward
31. *Jan Valencia* [Jan also contributed the photo at the top of this post]
32. Jeff Lindenthal
33. Jeff Richman
34. John Shillcock
35. Judy and Ron Allen
36. Judy Marsalis
37. Kathleen A. of Maui, Hawaii
38. *Kathleen Jones*
39. *Kay & Sieg Magenheim*
40. Keith DeFiebre
41. Kera Abraham
42. *L. Robin Brody*
43. Lynn Hamilton
44. MacGregor Eddy
45. Mary Conway
46. Matthew Sundt, Old Capitol Books
47. Megan Tolbert
48. Michael Sestak
49. Nancy Sleeth and Matthew Sleeth, MD
50. *Nathan Dehmler*
51. Nathan Pierce
52. Pebble Beach Company Foundation
53. Renee Hardenstein
54. Rob Garcia
55. Robert Moon
56. Rosaleen Trambley
57. Sandi Laney
58. Scott Shillcock
59. Sherry Volmar
60. *Sierra Dehmler*
61. Stephen Bloch
62. Steve Cutcomb
63. Steve Matheson, All Things Promise Rings
64. Steve McShane
65. *Terrill & Robin Keeler*
66. The Go Fund Me Team
67. Tiffany Nicole Lynch
68. Tori Armen
69. Twisted Roots, Monterey
70. Valley Bikes, Salinas
71. *Velo Club Monterey*
72. *Vera and Jim Noghera*
73. Vid Raatior
74. Virginia Peterson
Thank you to all of the above for being

Bicycling Monterey’s Financial Contributors

May 1, 2009 through December 25, 2016 

Happy 2017!

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