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Celebrate Three: More Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements Coming! And Blanco Contract Awarded

Guest Post by Phil Yenovikian

Bikeway improvements coming

The Monterey County Board of Supervisors approved on December 13, 2011 the acceptance of State Transportation Improvement Program funds in the amount of $14,987,000 for five projects, including three that are bicycling related:

1.  The Davis Road Bridge #208 and Four Lane Project
2.  The Castroville Railroad Crossing Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Project
3.  The Davis Road Class II Bicycle Lane Project
To review the minutes, or for a video or audio of the Board’s December 13 (and other meetings), click here.

Blanco contract awarded

A contract for construction of Class II Bike Lanes on Blanco Road  was awarded December 13 to Monterey Peninsula Engineering.  Weather permitting, construction will begin around the third week of January 2012.

Authorization to proceed on Blanco Road includes a 10% contingency for contract change orders that do not significantly alter the scope of work.

Those who worked hard to ensure construction of the approved, funded Blanco lanes know it is one triumph in a larger effort to make Monterey County more bike friendly.  These efforts are greatly appreciated, as well as those of TAMC and our County Public Works Department.

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Want to bike Blanco Road with experienced companions?

Click here, then scroll down to “Cyclists want you–and are ready to help.”

Photo courtesy of Frank Henderson.





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