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Oct 3-6: California Bicycle Summit 2017

The California Bicycle Summit is a biennial gathering, and the 2017 summit is October 3-6 in Sacramento. To learn more, visit:

Among those attending from Monterey County will be a delegation organized by Families of Color Monterey County (FoCMC), founded July 2016. The FoCMC delegation will be made up of people supporting the FoCMC partnering prerequisites ( and who want to join their Community Movement for Mobility Justice ( FoCMC has arranged for expenses to be paid—including roundtrip Amtrak tickets, conference registration and meals, and shared lodging for three nights—with space limited to ten people. For specific details about the criteria for being part of the FoCMC delegation, what expenses will be paid, and for any updates, contact Families of Color Monterey County: [Update, April 7, 2018: Their website,, announced “FoCMC is ending.” Check with FoCMC for any details.] 

FoCMC includes Monterey County’s newest bike advocacy initiative, Family Biking Monterey County, founded October 2016. Family Biking Monterey County is meeting a variety of previously unmet needs here, as evidenced by them being in not just 1 but 4 sections of‘s 33-section directory For updates about Family Biking Monterey County, contact Families of Color Monterey County:

Thanks to California Bicycle Coalition for organizing

the summit, and best wishes to all attending.

Bicycling Monterey is pleased to be a local ally of the California Bicycle Coalition.

Photo from a November 12, 2013 gathering in Monterey County welcoming two of California Bicycle Coalition’s board members who were visiting—Chris Morfas, at far left, and Samantha Ollinger, at center.


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