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Bike Buzz: February 2021 news from Bicycling Monterey

Caltrans Distrito 5 Plan de Transporte Act
información en español haga clic aquí


On 9 Feb 2021, Congressman Jimmy Panetta (California District 20) and Congressional Bike Caucus Chairman Earl Blumenauer (Oregon District 3) introduced the Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment (E-BIKE) Act to encourage the use of electric bicycles, or e-bikes, through a consumer tax credit. The E-Bike Act has been endorsed by the League of American Bicyclists, California Bicycle Coalition, Bicycling Monterey, and others. Learn more:

For related info, see Bicycling Monterey’s 2017 posts “From e-bike snob to ‘won me over’: Pedaling Monterey County with a boost-on-demand from e-assist” and “Regulations for E-Bikes / Electric-Assist Bicycles and Other Non People-Powered Bikes — in Monterey County and Elsewhere”

CALIFORNIA – Counties of Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz 

On 8 February 2021, District 5 of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) released for public review the DRAFT D5 Active Transportation Plan. 

Learn more, and note the deadline. Comments will be accepted through the end of the day on March 9, as confirmed with Caltrans District 5 Public Information Officer Jim Shivers.

Caltrans Distrito 5 Plan de Transporte Act
información en español haga clic aquí.

Special thanks to Monterey County resident Paola Berthoin for being among those who actively advocate regarding sections of California State Routes—e.g., in Monterey County, sections of CA SR 1, 68, 101, 156, 183, 218—that need Caltrans attention to make them safer for active transportation users (wherever biking, walking, and other active transportation are not prohibited on those routes).


On 6 Feb 2021, the Greenfield Community Science Workshop and the Monterey County Health Department sponsored another GCSW bike repair workshop. These workshops are especially well suited to middle and high school aged youth; all Greenfield youth are invited. As we point out in, also note that if you have an extra bicycle to donate for Greenfield youth without a bike, phone 831-796-2873 or 831-304-0355.


On 27 Jan 2021, Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee gained a new voting member, Natalie Popovich, representing the City of Pacific Grove.  (Update: Effective 5/6/22, Natalie resigned from the committee, due to moving outside Monterey County.)

To get an idea of the extraordinary abilities and commitment that Natalie brings to the bike-ped committee, refer to the second page of the attachment to page 103 of TAMC’s Jan 27 Board Meeting:

Does everyone serving as a voting member of the committee need to have that level of education and career background? No. If you have a passion for more residents and visitors of Monterey County using active transportation (bicycling, walking, rolling, skating, or scooting to get about), and you are a resident of Monterey County, note the many committee vacancies and consider applying to become a voting member. For how to apply, see

Also note that people who aren’t voting members of the committee are very much welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings—and if they wish, to offer public comment about related items on, or not on, the current meeting agenda. Questions? Madilyn Jacobsen is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s current Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. You may contact Madilyn by phone (831) 775-4402 or email

TAMC bike-ped meetings are held remotely (due to the global pandemic) since May 2020. A silver lining in the pandemic is that online/remote meetings allow more people from throughout Monterey County’s 3,771 square miles to participate in these meetings, since they will not need to travel to a meeting. You may participate online (via Zoom) or by phone.

As we say in “Why get involved in infrastructure planning” It’s quick and easy to rant online! It takes more effort to effectively advocate for the changes you’d like to see in your community and the world. Be part of the solution by participating in the TAMC Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meetings, whether as a voting committee member or as a non-voting member of the public. For upcoming dates—including the next meeting, Wednesday, March 3, 6 p.m.—refer to:

It’s not necessary to travel to a TAMC bike-ped meeting, since they are currently held remotely.

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