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Rain on Your Bike Parade?

So it looks like it may rain on your parade, eh?  Don’t rule out that cycle trip yet!

Think bicycling has to be an all or nothing activity?  Au contraire!

Below is just a brief outline of what’s available in the Bike-and-Ride section of Tips for Tourists Bicycling Monterey County.  (The tips are helpful to visitors and anyone who bikes in MoCo!)

Photo courtesy of Monterey Salinas Transit.

While bicycling is a great way to get around, most people have times when combining cycling with other transportation is exactly what they need.   Here are some examples:

  1. High winds or heavy rains
  2. Change of plans for which you weren’t prepared (i.e., didn’t bring bicycle lights with you and you’ve decided to return after dark)
  3. Find your way on unfamiliar routes
  4. Visit remote spots that are otherwise hard to reach
  5. Conserve your physical energy for other activities
  6. Avoid less safe/less comfortable bikeways
  7. Save time (Sometimes!  However, note that the cyclist got there quicker than the vehicle driver in Monterey County’s Bike Week challenge.)
  8. Have a fun and unique shopping trip, including avoiding traffic and parking problems
  9. You choose not to own a car/you live a car-free lifestyle
  10. HER Helmet Thursdays – Besides your immediate neighborhood, you want to support participants in other parts of the county too.

What are some of the transportation options available in Monterey County–ways to transport your bicycle, as well as yourself?

  1. A bicycle rack for your car
  2. Monterey Salinas Transit system (MST) – “The Bus”
  3. Amtrak (train and train-bus combo system)
  4. Taxicabs
  5. Hotel shuttles
  6. Airport shuttle

Click here for details on the above!

8/24/10 update:  And for some photos of rain on a parade, with cyclists managing just fine, see the Amsterdamize 8/10/10 blog post, “Rain on Our Parade.”

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  1. marilynch says:

    Thank you, Devian, for voicing support for bike-and-ride/multi modal transportation, and living it too! Good to hear from such an experienced cyclist and mass transit user. And I appreciate your bringing those recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to my attention.

  2. Multi Modal transport is great!
    the CDC has published Transportation Recommendations.

    I can hardly believe it, but yes…

    jet cars are not the answer to our future transport needs.

    Active Transportation is a healthy means.

    ride bikes
    use the bus
    use the train

    I routinely use Amtrak from Salinas to Union Station in LA.
    yes… use mass transit

    and ride your bike.

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