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Hawthorne/Bolio Proposed Bike/Pedestrian Ramp: City of Monterey Infrastructure

Common traffic on Lighthouse Ave, New Monterey

Express appreciation to the  Monterey City Council for every effort to make the City of Monterey a more bike-friendly place. And voice your opinion when decisions are being made.

Thurs, 4/26 at 7 p.m.

Attend the City Council meeting Thursday, April 26, 7 p.m. to voice  support for a Hawthorne/Private Bolio ramp providing better pedestrian and bicyclist access in New Monterey.

Questions?  Contact Jan Valencia, who attended the previous meeting on this topic. Jan was awarded the 2012 Golden Helmet Award by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County. Contact Jan via Twitter – @jvalen – or email Jan via the Velo Club website.  You can also reach him by phone at 424-0008 (his business, Cycle Stop Honda).

See “Cyclists advocate for a New Monterey bike path” by Sara Rubin in the 4/19-25 Monterey County Weekly for some background.

Biking or walking to New Monterey businesses and residences saves you getting stuck in gnarly traffic on Lighthouse Avenue, like that shown above.

New Monterey HER Helmet Thursdays spots

Visit a HER Helmet Thursdays spot on Lighthouse Avenue, New Monterey–including Henry’s BBQ, Hulas Island Grill & Tiki Room, International Market & Deli, the Jabberwock Inn, Loose NoodleMonterey Bay Photo, Persian Grill, Sakura Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, and Taqueria del Mar.  There are also many HER Helmet Thursdays participating businesses and organizations in the Cannery Row neighborhood below, as well as hundreds of others throughout the City of Monterey and Monterey County.
Click on their names above for those extra bike-friendly spots in New Monterey.  You’ll also find them alongside all the others in the HER Helmet Thursdays listings; click here.
Below is one of the New Monterey extra bike-friendly spots, HER Helmet Thursdays participant Taqueria del Mar.
Taqueria del Mar on Lighthouse Ave, New Monterey
On Lighthouse Ave,  Taqueria del Mar has had a loyal following since 1987, as noted by Ray Napolitano for the  Monterey County Weekly in  “Hot Like Chocolate.”  Most recently, the Monterey County Herald’s  restaurant reviewer Raul N wrote on 2/12/12, “Whenever anyone asks me where I go for Mexican food in Monterey, without skipping a beat, I reply ‘Taqueria del Mar’!” Read “Off the Menu: Unassuming Taqueria del Mar is one of the best-kept secrets on Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey.”
Run by “Good Neighbor Nicholas” Gasca and his niece, Lilia Gasca, their menu emphasizes light, healthy, delicious food (think chimichangas on the grill, not in a fryer).   The decor is no-frills, yet clean and pleasant.  And they use only non-disposable tableware, a rarity among fast, casual places.Taqueria del Mar is closed Sundays–these folks know what’s necessary for a two-person operation to stay in balance!  You’ll feel it, too; they maintain an ambiance that is muyo tranquillo. Want to enjoy mealtime conversation?  There’s no TV, no music blasting.  This is an exceptionally peaceful and quiet place to eat.

New Monterey, Lighthouse Avenue District:  Taqueria Del Mar
Lilia Gasca at Taqueria del Mar, one of the First 100 charter participants in the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

Taqueria del Mar is also on the recommended list of the Monterey Institute of International Studies students, staff, and faculty among many other local fans!

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