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Monterey-Salinas Transit: What to do if bike racks on buses are full, and other MST tips

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Monterey-Salinas Transit is a popular bike-and-ride option for reaching various locations throughout Monterey County—and thanks to MST’s Transit Connections, for reaching some out-of-county locations as well. There are bike-loading racks on all MST large and small buses, with the exception of MST’s ADA Paratransit (RIDES) buses. All MST trolleys have bike-loading racks too, i..e, the MST Summer Trolleys, which operate in the city of Monterey.

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How to take your bicycle on MST

What to do when the bike rack is full on any small or large MST bus, or on an MST trolley?
Why “at the driver’s discretion”?
Bike lockers

The Tips for Bicycling Monterey County 20-section guide’s section on bike parking ( includes info about the MST bicycle lockers at the Salinas Transit Center.

There are no bicycle lockers at the Marina Transit Exchange. However, there are six artistic bicycle racks (pictured above) as well as a bicycle repair station (at center of that picture). Some people don’t realize those six racks aren’t just works of art. They also function as bicycle parking racks—it’s intended that you will lock your bicycle to them.

Marina Transit Exchange photo above provided by MST (used by permission).

Bike repair station

A convenient bicycle repair station was installed at the Marina Transit Center because, as MST Marketing and Communications Manager Ikuyo Yoneda-López stated, MST understands that flat tires and other mechanical issues arise. And MST hopes that, thanks to having access to the repair station, more MST passengers and other members of the community will be able to keep on riding and reach their final destination safely and comfortably.

Emergency Ride Home

Are you hesitant to bike to work, or to bike-and-ride (or even just ride) MST to work—because you’re worried about the unexpected?

If you use MST or other “alternative transportation,” such as a bicycle, you may be able to make use of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s Emergency Ride Home program. Eligible to participate are commuters who live, work, or go to school in Monterey County and use an alternative mode of transportation at least once a week. Check it out:

The MST Summer Trolleys are a popular way to get between downtown Monterey and the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Cannery Row. MST Trolley service dates are generally “Memorial Day to Labor Day,” with slight date modifications, that is, trolley service typically begins the Saturday prior to Memorial Day. For 2024, trolley service begins Saturday, May 25 and runs through Monday, September 2. The trolley service hours are typically 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week; check with MST for any changes, or if you have questions:

In the past, trolleys sometimes served the route between Hartnell College Main and Alisal campuses in Salinas, the Monterey County seat and its largest city. As of May 2024, trolley operation is limited to the City of Monterey’s MST Summer Trolleys.

Where does MST go?

Check out the MST Route List.

Remember about MST’s Transit Connections that help travelers reach locations outside Monterey County too, e.g., Santa Cruz METRO, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, and Greyhound in Northern San Luis Obispo County. Check with each transit provider for details regarding any bicycle accommodations.

For alerts about any upcoming MST service changes, and other MST buzz, refer to the MST news section.

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Among the many bike-and-riders who appreciate MST Transit Connections, this Australian mom and son…


and these San Francisco Bay Area residents.

Derrick Chao and Kyle Ingebretson downtown Monterey 18 Dec 2010
For updates about using MST

For any Monterey-Salinas Transit updates, or if you have questions about using MST, contact them.

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Bike and ride MST Jazz Line downtown Monterey
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Special thanks to Zoe Shoats, formerly of Monterey-Salinas Transit, for confirming the accuracy of Bicycling Monterey’s MST tips through 2016; and to Ikuyo Yoneda-López of MST for responding to our questions in 2024.

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