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Doggone it, I really bit the dust on that one…

Doggone it, I really bit the dust on that last MORCA ride... (Photo of Abby, courtesy of David Leatherbury)Why else would a dog need a toothbrush after  chasing after her master on his bike?  Must have been a wild ride!  (Photo of Abby courtesy of best bud, David Leatherbury.)

Maybe he should take up golf instead!

Sure, Abby.  My sister tells me golf is fun.  Though cycling is a blast, too—especially when you have cycling buddies, or good tips on cycling in the local area.

Work hard, play hard with MORCA

If you think you’d like to get out on some trail rides with the Monterey Off-Road Cycling Association, don’t let Abby dissuade you.  Check out the MORCA website.

MORCA has family rides, night rides, trail projects, and much more, including an active Google group where you can easily connect up with others to find new riding buddies.

Here are oodles of other tips for our visitors (and locals, too) who want to cycle in beautiful Monterey County:   Tips for Tourists Bicycling Monterey.

Take a break from snow

Those of you in town for the Pro-Am now are already enjoying our lush, green grass, just like Abby is resting on.  Yes, this is the February weather of the Central Coast.  Can’t say I mind bicycling straight through our mild winters.   My almond tree is in full blossom right now, and my first hollyhocks are in bloom—completely unaided by me.

Come visit us if you need a break from the snow. Or share your snowstorm stories and send photos!  Those New York Times pictures of Washington, DC and New York City blanketed in white are beautiful.

More tips for golfers and others

Wish you’d booked your lodging for Pro-Am week a little earlier?  Think ahead to the U.S. Open in June.  As of 2/11/10, the Sanctuary Beach Resort still has rooms for that date.

The Sanctuary Beach Resort (follow them on Twitter) is one of the charter participants in a new countywide project of interest to both visitors and locals.  And that’s a hot Monterey County tip you can share with your friends.  It was impossible to hear about at last year’s Pebble Beach tournaments, because it launched Thanksgiving week 2009:  HER Helmet Thursdays.

Discounts in MoCo, just because you biked while here!

If you need lodging in Monterey County on a Thursday, there are already eight great places in the emerging lodging category of the HER Helmet Thursdays project.  That means they will not only accommodate you, they’ll give you price break on those accommodations most of the year.  How?  Just BYOB (bring your own bicycle), or rent a bike for a day or longer.

All year long, you can get a lodging discount on your Thursday night stay, excluding Monterey County special-event weeks and federal holidays.

And lodging is just one piece of this pie.  There are already over 80 participants in the project, which includes dining, entertainment, educational, and lodging venues.  And they all give discounts to cyclists on Thursdays!

To get discounts at the restaurants, entertainment venues, and educational attractions, just bicycle there, then walk in with a bike helmet in your hand.

Don’t know how to get around Monterey County by bike?  We’ll help.  All listings include tips on bicycling to the HER Helmet Thursdays partner locations.

Questions?  Call 831-375-6278 anytime, or send me an email.


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