Website Navigation Tip

As Bicycling Monterey’s second decade gets underway, we’re making some changes. If you see a “page or image not found” message, or if some photos or other media don’t display, there are solutions!


(1) If you see a question mark where you’d expect to see a photo or other image (e.g., in a sidebar widget, or when you’ve used the search window and a gallery of search results displays), click on the question mark, and voila! The photo or other image will likely appear. (Yeah, troubleshooting that is on our to-do list.)

(2) If you use any of the links created over the years as shortcuts to reach a Bicycling Monterey post or page, some still direct to the original URL, (Curious why Bicycling Monterey’s original domain name was Click here.) Photos or other images of a post or page will likely still display just fine. If not, simply change the root URL of the post or page you’re on from to For example, if you use, you’ll likely land on; and if not all photos/images display, substitute

(3) Rarely, you may find that the post or page you are on has a glitchy URL, In that case, delete “blog” from the URL, so it’s simply (There is no such URL as

If you discover any other challenges, or have questions, please phone us.