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Ecology or Economy? No Need to Choose!

Ecology or economy?  That’s a choice?

Many people still have the idea that it’s not possible to do right by the environment and make money.  As Bob Willard, a 34-year career veteran of IBM Canada, states in his book The Sustainability Advantage,  “Saving the world and making a profit is not an either/or proposition.”  Willard’s latest book is The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook.

Individuals, businesses, municipalities, and others  can tap into the solid expertise that’s already available and go for the gold and green.  We have our own sustainability champions right here on the Monterey Bay, including such experts as Jordan Daniels at  Building Wise and Jason K. Burnett at Burnett EcoEnergy.

Willard’s commitment to sustainability includes his personal life too, and he chooses to minimize air travel.  To that end, he has books, DVDs, spreadsheets, and slides available that, as he says, help him to “extend the ripple effect of my little drop in the sea of sustainability champions.”

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